Hermitage Road Restaurant and Bar


    A contemporary restaurant in a 1901 ballroom with a barrel vaulted ceiling


    The bar and restaurant are both in rooms with vaulted barrel ceilings generating noisy reverberation and discombobulating reflections. The proprietor wanted `the snow to fall` as guests entered the dining area


    The client wanted to maintain the industrial feel including exposed brick walls, so the only option was to treat the ceiling, which in turn had to accommodate services including heating, air conditioning and lights. The solution lay in suspended discs with services built in to them, and banquette seating with soft cushions and upholstery around the outside. Retro fits in other restaurants have included absorptive pads under seats, wall panels photographic prints and suspended screens with bespoke designs.


    The client is thrilled with the outcome. The atmosphere is the restaurant is uncluttered and private despite the busy open plan kitchen and noisy bar in the adjacent arch.