Private party at a beloved stately home



    Designed to blend with the flamboyant Baroque architecture for a private musical extravaganza


    An aficionado of music and high fidelity audio reproduction, the host not only wanted 'Clean Bandit' to sound lovely in the Great Hall, but for the nightclub in a marquee outside to be inaudible from the house, until the party end at 04.00.


    A tubular column of heavy drapes hung from the balustrade stopping short of the dance floor 70 feet below. This controlled the lingering reverberation while leaving a clear view up to the golden dome. The marquee outside lined with a complex build-up of specialist materials, isolated vibration, insulated airborne sound and absorbed interior reflections, allowing the nightclub to continue without disturbing anyone's sleep.


    The client was amazed that this party was even feasible, let alone that it could be a complete success.