"Incredible office spaces deserve incredible acoustics"


    We recently completed an AV and Acoustic installation for this stylish office space which looked wonderful, but with high ceilings and exposed building elements, required acoustic treatment to improve the quality of sound for all users of the space.


    With a reverb time of 2 seconds, the client recognised there was a problem due to the echoes and sound quality of the space. Utilising suspended acoustic panels, wall panels, plants and solutions tailored perfectly to the space, Rossco reduced the reverb time down to 0.3 seconds, significantly improving overall wellbeing and the space experience for this busy team.


    With an open plan office, collaborative meeting spaces and a shared kitchen, it was vitally important to manage the flow of sound, to enable occupants to work productively; minimising excess noise by strategically placing absorbent surfaces and considered solutions throughout the space.


    With workscapes changing significantly over the last 18 months, there is also far more importance placed on video conferencing, demanding AV solutions that are easy to use, with a quality of sound that enhances all virtual meetings.


    The client recognised the improvement immediately, once our installation was complete, "the difference is astounding, and the office now sounds incredibly good".


  • Collaborative meeting space solutions

    Acoustic panelling throughout the space





    Did You Know

    Noise pollution in open-plan offices reduces employee productivity by 66 percent. As Julian Treasure famously said; "we have a very small bandwidth for processing auditory input" so excess noise can be significantly damaging to productivity.

    Good acoustics can also reduce stress levels by 27 percent, also contributing to workplace wellness.

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